Mendenhall Glacier Juneau, Alask
Mendenhall Glacier
Juneau, Alaska

            Mathieu Cristofor is recent graduate from San José State University completing degrees in graphic design and photography. He strives every day to learn new techniques in design and photo software; approaching this through freelancing, networking, working with the friends, and family, absorbing any and all insightful information and idiosyncrasies that they’re willing to share. He hopes to pass this aggregate proficiency on to other’s wanting to grow and to inspire a younger, less privileged generation. Mathieu has been involved with First Exposures for the last three years, a nationally recognized photography organization in San Francisco that works with disadvantaged teens, to broaden his experience and perspective, engage with, and inspire the youth of today. Mathieu believes we don’t choose the life’s we’re born into, but that we do get to choose the life we want to lead.

            Aside from working with disadvantaged youth, Mathieu derives inspiration from traveling, listening to musical scores ranging from jazz to independent hip-hop, riding his motorcycle through the windy mountain roads of California’s wine country, interacting with his business partner Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Chambrone, and everyone he meets along his path in life. Mathieu’s work reflects these influences, in that it is ever evolving, being pushed and pulled into new and old directions.

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  1. Joy Caves says:

    Matthew, it’s Joy from First Exposures. Any chance you are free 8am-1pm on Friday? Do you do any candid corporate event work? We need a photographer for half a day at my office out at Moffett Field. The event is a pretty big deal and Lt Gov Gavin Newsom will be there with about 100 other people. I can send you details if you are free and looking for a gig. No worries if you aren’t. See you soon!

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