Be in the Moment

“Be in the Moment” is an ongoing series I started recently; inspired by my travels and my brother. On a recent trip abroad I lost my phone, a blessing in disguise, it really opened my eyes to all the beauty around, realizing how much I had been missing out on. With the rapid pace of technological advances, it’s easy to circumvent all the treasures given to us by Mother Nature. Juxtaposed with man-made benches, I’ve created this series for the audience to walk into a scene, and imagine themselves, free of their electronic leashes, relaxing, and absorbing the serene backdrops, we seldom take the time to appreciate.


Beauty in Destruction

With this series, Beauty in Destruction, I see parallels of reinventing myself and adapting to my surroundings, much like weathered objects in their environments. Over time, erosion and change will take place, and while some would see these objects as useless, they will soon become forgotten; I see them changing with the times, to conform to their perspective surroundings.

As we go through life we reinvent ourselves, as we’re pushed and pulled into new and old directions depending on our surroundings, and the people in them. Through those changes in my life, I’ve found it easy to be one with any environment along my path in life.

In this series I am exploring the decay of found objects in various settings, and how this process has changed them to fit into its environment. Whether an object simply becomes aesthetically pleasing, or grow into its landscape; I’m looking for parallels in my life, how I’ve changed over time, and continue to change.


Soul Glitch

In my life, I’ve reinvented myself numerous times, but have always kept strength in my core values; keeping family close, being loyal and doing for others as I would do for myself. I always found it easy to adapt to new surroundings, almost as if it were second nature, and with ease, able to befriend various walks of life in any community.

Like a hatchling taken under a wing, life is always straight forward when following a path which has been paved. Time eventually comes, as for any hatchling, to take its first flight. However, one may find themselves at the end of a paved path to face a redwood curtain, as a new fish in a big pond. The bird must learn to spread its wings, to live for those new moments, and to make the best of the experiences, they have to offer. Yet at times, we may be that new fish, swimming endlessly, in search of that paved path we once knewand thatis my soul glitch.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. candy says:

    Matt, love your work!! Keep up! Dreams do come true!

    1. Thank you Candy, appreciate the kind words!!

  2. candy says:

    oops keep it up!

  3. Maria says:

    Love this series!! Can’t wait to see the next pics!


    1. Thanks mom, your support means a lot!

  4. Pat says:

    Great work Matt! I always knew you would do great things .

    1. Thank you Pat, means a lot!

  5. Mary says:

    Matt! Beautiful work! I am very impressed!

    1. Thank you Mary, appreciate that!

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