Be in the Moment

Be in the Moment

“Be in the Moment” is an ongoing series I started recently; inspired by my travels and my brother. On a recent trip abroad I lost my phone, a blessing in disguise, it really opened my eyes to all the beauty around, realizing how much I had been missing out on. With the rapid pace of technological advances, it’s easy to circumvent all the treasures given to us by Mother Nature. Juxtaposed with man-made benches, I’ve created this series for the audience to walk into a scene, and imagine themselves, free of their electronic leashes, relaxing, and absorbing the serene backdrops, we seldom take the time to appreciate.

Santa Cruz
Eye on the Horizon
Borga a Mozzano
Ponte del Diavolo
Foz do Iguaçu
Always Watching

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