Artist Manifesto

            A wise man once said, “The older I get man, the dumber that I was.” This is a sentence that I live by. Every day I set out to learn something new, whether I teach myself, go back and forth with a friend or acquaintance. Or even reach out to someone I don’t know, because of the respect I have for their work, and venerate the way they’ve perfected their craft.

            It’s been said that the average human, through the duration of his/her life, only accesses ten percent of his/her brain. This number is far too low, a big reason I challenge myself to learn something new every day. I believe that I will push my brain beyond its parameters by continually cramming in new material. Everything relates to each other; I never know what will inspire me and in what way. One way I’ve approached this perplexing idea is through my love for travel. I have an unquestionable infatuation with going to new countries, absorbing new cultures, their language, and meeting the people that inhabit every corner of the earth. By virtue, I have developed a passion for photography, enabling me to be able to take pieces of the world home with me. These images not only inspire my work as a graphic designer, but also help, and continuously nourish my eye to create stronger designs: reciprocating hellacious pre-visualization dexterity for framing my photos, it’s an alluring relationship. I yearn and crave to learn how to play the trumpet and better understand music. I extract a lot of inspiration from jazz music, and anticipate the opportunity to learn and witness the effects it will have on my work.

            I want my work to take me around the world in such a manner that I can continue to meet unique walks of life, motivate and inspire a younger, less privileged generation of individuals, and maintain a source of afflatus by taking the world apart frame by frame. Within five years, I fully intend to work with disadvantaged kids as a part of the First Exposure family, advance my linguistic skills in learned languages, begin learning another one, and enrolled or have acquired a Master of Fine Arts degree in graphic design, to pursue a part time teaching position at a community college.

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