Second Leg

After enjoying an all night adventure with my friends in Istanbul, arriving back to the house around 6am, it was time to pack my bags and say my good-byes. Then Toby took me to the airport to see me off, where we had our last discussions  and final good b… “til next time”

As I was getting off the tram, being transported from the terminal to the plane, I saw two familiar faces waving and saying hello. As I looked back at Jatinder and Shriel (colleagues attending the seminar) I thought I was hallucinating from delirium due to lack of sleep, but it was truly them. It’s always nice to see familiar faces when traveling abroad, and this was no exception.
I arrived in Salzburg feeling half dead, but full of memories I would never trade for sleep. After waiting to get through passport control, I was finally able to get my bag—last one on the carrousel, that’s how long it took—I grabbed a cab and made my way to the Schlosswirt zu Anif.

The Schlosswirt is an old “castle” (quotations because not a medieval castle one would normally imagine), but a castle non-the-less, built in 1605, which has had some remodels over time, but still had its old charm. The rooms, for the most part, bared their wooden construction and faux gas lamp lighting. 

Arriving the day before the global citizenship seminars, I took a moment to catch up on a little sleep, as I wanted to explore Anif and possibly meet with Jatinder and Shriel in the city center of Salzburg, where they were staying for the night. After my nap and getting ready, I started to make my way to the bus station when it started to rain, which turned into heavy downpour. The bus wasn’t arriving so I took to the nearby pizzeria, Topolino. I enjoyed an Italian style pizza with prosciutto—unfortunately not crudo, which I hoped for since it was called Pizza Parma—and washed it down with a nice radler. When I finished eating, and noticing the rain was only getting worse, I decided to call it an early evening and headed back to the Schlosswirt to get ready for check-in and orientation the next day.


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