Soul Glitch

In my life, I’ve reinvented myself numerous times, but have always kept strength in my core values; keeping family close, being loyal and doing for others as I would do for myself. I always found it easy to adapt to new surroundings, almost as if it were second nature, and with ease, able to befriend various walks of life in any community.

Like a hatchling taken under a wing, life is always straight forward when following a path which has been paved. Time eventually comes, as for any hatchling, to take its first flight. However, one may find themselves at the end of a paved path to face a redwood curtain, as a new fish in a big pond. The bird must learn to spread its wings, to live for those new moments, and to make the best of the experiences, they have to offer. Yet at times, we may be that new fish, swimming endlessly, in search of that paved path we once knewand thatis my soul glitch.


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